90% say that a video is very convincing and necessary in the purchase process.


Video Marketing


Are you viral yet?

Compared to other forms of transmitting information (text and photo), video is taking the top position as the most effective form of communicating with online followers. The main advantage of video communication is comprehensiveness. When watching a video, all our senses integrate with one another capturing our full attention. A video message is many times more simple and complete than a static text or image.


Before the production of a video content, the most important work is the concept. By discussing and casting different ideas, a storyboard is built into which the video spot will be supported. By researching and analyzing, we create some information tracks that will help us to get the most out of the message.

By discovering the target audience, its tastes and the main needs that is about to solve the product / service, the creative process and production is simplified.


Once the idea is perfected and the message we want the audience to perceive is set, we film. Scenes are built to create a family-like environment with warm colors, simple language and loving characters that the audience recognizes and likes. It has been proven that familiar faces like celebrities, have a significant impact on their decision-making. Our team takes care of equipment, casting and shooting the video.

Editing and Publishing

The duration of a video commercial should not make the viewers impatient to reach the end. Video ads are designed to capture the interest of the audience, to affect their emotions and to make them act. According to the platform where they are published (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc), they undergo changes to better suit specific followers.