Every online customer who gets a good customer service the first time, has a 45% chance of returning.




Maximize your income in the minimum of time.


Contacts Manager

Track your audience's activity and manage your potentials in the best way. Stay in control of everyday client interactions, discover the trending actions they make and filter them in groups to send specific messages to each target audience. Monitor target groups of any platform including Facebook. Get promising leads and turn them into loyal followers.

Control Center

Collect information about the visitor's activity and record their credentials. See every interaction in social network, e-commerce activity, website visits, and schedulings on your agenda. Update your current information to keep them interested. Create and monitor the campaigns of each platform in one place.

Staff management

Coordinate tasks with each staff member for topmost productivity.

If you already have a site, you can still use the platform as a control panel for your business. By opening an account in just a few minutes and integrating the platforms where your business is part of, you can organize everything all-in-one. Every one in your team will be informed, updated for an extremely organized day to day activity.

All-in-one App

Through the mobile application you will not miss not one notification about your business. Update your activity and give directions anywhere and anytime, directly from your mobile phone. Manage campaigns, trade processes on e-commerce and calendar appointments.

The Action Center will serve as a panel of news for your business activity. You can post any important announcement with just one click and return it to a social post. Caller ID will help you display each lead's credentials and present your interaction history with your business from the start. Check and direct your performance on the dashboard.