2 mln albanians are active internet users.


Facebook Ads


Create interaction with your visitors.

In recent statistics about how Albanians surf the Internet, it turned out that the most searched word on Google's search engine was Facebook.

This app, in which half the population is logged in, is also one of the most effective ways of online marketing. Facebook ads are a tremendous enhancer of leads in social media marketing.
With a Facebook business account you can publish ads in different ways applied for different audiences. By targeting the audience you want to attract, you will send these ads straight to your potential customers' navigation space. Through features such as age, location, preferences etc., you will filter that group of people who are interested in your product, get them to convert faster. By following this technique, your advertising campaigns will be more effective.
You can create ads in photo/video format, or send visitors directly to a messenger chat. You can edit them to be desktop friendly and mobile phone friendly so they can release their full potential. You can publish them on all other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter etc. You can also optimize the text to find specific keywords and phrases fit for your ad.
All the people who show interest in your products and services will be catalogued on the Hashtag platform. By connecting the platform to your Facebook account you can collect any visitor and their web profiles in a list. This way you will never miss the chance of converting them into clients. Once this audience gets registered, you can contact them from time to time through other forms of marketing by email or social media.