Every online service is 80% faster than the classic version.




Provide the best and fastest customer service 24h/24h


Online Catalog

It is accessible anywhere and anytime, from any smart desktop and mobile device. It's connected to any other online space (Facebook, Instagram etc).

With the online catalog, you can mirror the full list of products and services. The system makes it possible to keep the data of any person interacting with the platform, in order to target them at a second moment for different marketing purposes.

Sale managment

Introduce your products or services through text and image. Allow costumers to complete the online purchasing process, from order to payment through our secure cash flow system.

Offer coupons, promotional products, and promotional codes. Refund customers who have encountered problems. Stay in touch with them to update them on their order status. Create new leads and potential costumers.

Online Booking

Make it as simple as possible contacting customers through online agendas.

Book appointments, telephone conversations, and plan them at the most convenient time for you and your costumers. Communicate with prospects continuously via email and messaging (call me back) by updating them with information. Record their data in Hashtag CRM to create new leads, valuable for any marketing action in the future.

Online payment

The payment system enables secure money transaction from any bank card and all known PSP payment systems (PayPal, WePay, First Data, Authorize.Net). The order status changes automatically based on any update in the purchase process.

Keep constant contact with any guest who has not completed the process (abandoned carts). Send invoices, bills and any other purchase documents automaticaly via e-mail.