92% of online costumers get more attracted if they're offered a discount or coupon.


CRM & Marketing


Turn every lead into a happy costumer.


Costumer Relation Management

Managing customer relationships is a key point in formulating your sales strategy. According to statistics, 54% of businesses immediately notice increased sales and more feedback from customers since the beginning of implementation.

Meanwhile, 87% of companies have integrated them into their mobile phones, not losing any news while on the go. With the help of CRM, every business move will have more effect and higher results.

From leads to lovers of your brand

Through lead booster, you can keep any visitor coming to the web site attached to your brand.

Include your followers using subscribe forms, contact number registration, mail lists, notification lists and more. Meanwhile, this information will be cataloged and ready to be contacted anytime in later marketing campaigns.

E-mail marketing

Communicate with your potential customers via e-mail. Inform them on the latest news, update them on offers and discounts, offer coupons and promotional products. Analyze the performance of your campaign from your control panel.

Call me back

Your customer service will be excellent. You will not miss any calls from your customers and their efforts to contact you will be minimized. Many online visitors lose interest if they do not receive the attention and service they deserve. Their dissatisfaction is very expensive for you.

The call me back feature will be the same as having a reception desk ready to serve to your customers at any time.

Coupons & Deals

Create coupons and promotions through the Hashtag Product Catalog. Design it completely by yourself and implement it on your web site or social network. Register CRM visitors and lead groups to target them again in the future.